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Repair Package Budget Package Standard Package Best Package Premium Package 40 Logo Bundle Package
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$29 $49 $99 $199 $349 $1000
Turnaround Time 48hours 48hours 48hours 48hours 60hours 36hours
Logo Concepts 1 2 4 6 10 3
Redraw 1 2 3 5 1
Revision 2 2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 2
Grey Scale Logo.
Business Card
Letterhead Design/Envelop
Word Letterhead
Email Signature
File Formats: AI(Illustrator File) EPS, PSD(Photoshop File), GIF, PNG (Transparent File) and JPG
Copyright of the finalized logo will belong absolutely to you.
Lifetime g design file storage
Money Back Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Delivered by E-Mail Companies and enterprises that need SSL security and unlimited projects and categories Reasonably large companies and teams that need SSL security and lots of categories Moderate businesses and enterprising professionals Small businesses or medium busy freelancers and contractors Part-time freelancers and contractors Simple personal use
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Skype ID: GuddesInc


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