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History of Guddes

A designer is not only a designer; he is a creative entity that has a vision which others don’t see without guidance. A normal person would see a tree and say, hey! It’s a tree. A creative person will go and hug the tree, see the colors the contrast the hues the saturation the negative space around the tree and will even hold the squirrel that had the bad luck of popping out of the tree to have his morning acorn lunch, and the creative entity will hold it by the tail and fully try to understand what is what and why is why.

Maqsood, one of the founder of Guddes is one such entity, he says, “We question what others don’t, we see what others take for granted, that is why we have an eye for detail and can come up with new things in a world where creativity is over looked for financial gains”

The company was founded by Maqsood  initially working without a name and would be responsible for many freelance work which they would take, the interesting fact is that the work they started doing by means of experimentation quickly started to turn the market around, and within a span of months their existing clients would start referring them to bigger names in the industry. By 2007 they both had established themselves as successful innovative and effective designers. Later they met Sarfaraz and decided it was time to expand and it was in that year that they decided to open their own company by the name of Guddes registered in United States by the name of GUDDES INC.

Over the years Guddes has unprecedented international clientele and is one of the fastest growing design houses in the industry where they pride themselves on creativity without compromise.


Guddes Pakistan Limited: Based in Pakistan, specializing in web, print and multimedia implementations. Company provides complete range of designing from electronic multimedia applications to print media, partnering with Guddes Pakistan for over one year and is bridging the gap between the east and west with a creative expertise of the sub-continents and the modern west.




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Skype ID: GuddesInc


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